Friday, April 9, 2010

Some Memories.....

Some memories ride along with me
I keep them in my pocket
And some, especially dear to me
Are on a chain and locket
Some I tuck away up high
In faded years they rest
And some are in each heart-beat
Like an aching in my chest

I’m sitting at a station
But I don’t see the rain
It happens when I’m waiting
For a ride on some lost train
Is it just a train of thought?
Rhythm through the mist
Why is it that it seems I'm caught
Twixt present-day and past

If ever I should see it
A looming shadow thundering
I would buy myself a ticket
Without pondering or wondering
For I have a few memories
For which I deeply yearn
And they would be there waiting
If I could return

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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