Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Least of These.....

Mommy, would you like a drink?
She held a glass of water
As I gazed into the face
Of my precious daughter
Turquoise eyes and cheek so fair
Lips that smiled and golden hair
But dearer still than this, I think
Was her love which brought the drink

I wondered as I took the cup
How many glasses I held up
As I went about my way
Did I ever pause to say
‘Excuse me would you like a ‘drink’?
Or did I even stop to think
About another travelers load
As I met him on life’s road?

Lord, give me eyes to see the need
Of others here; let not my greed
Consume and blind me to the hand
Which reaches out for help to stand
But let me reach to lift them up
Offering to them a ‘cup’
Lord, in everything I do
Let me do it unto You

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

For inasmuch as you have done it to the least of these
You have done it unto Me. Matt.25:40

If hearts can melt then mine did tonight.
I looked up to see my daughter holding out a
drink.....she thought I looked hot and thirsty!
Yes, I believe there are angels among us....

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