Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hold Back The Minutes

A long time ago on a thousand stages
I’ve been envisioning, dreading this day
I’ve filled and tossed a thousand more pages
As I contemplated what I’d like to say
But now grand words fail me as I start to cry
And I don’t know how I can tell you good-bye

Time is a merciless clock that keeps ticking
Urging us on in a ceaseless parade
Yet I would not give back one single moment
As I recall all the memories we’ve made
Forgive me, my dear, for the tear in my eye
But I do not know how to tell you good-bye

I’ll hold you close in this hour of parting
There are no words for a moment as this
If I should perchance feel the tears starting
It’s only because of the good times I’ll miss
Hold back the minutes, I’ll try not to cry
For I do not know how to tell you good-bye

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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