Monday, April 12, 2010

The Locket

So, who is the one
In that locket ‘round my neck
Is there a picture at all…?
Or simply a mental keep-sake
A vault full of memory
Of joys and sorrows
The warmth of a heart-beat
The hope of tomorrows….
For no one knows
What still might be
So I smile a little
At your curiosity
While life may scowl, still
I smile
And chase away the chill
Of an early fall
Or a lingering winter
As I pause to twist around my finger
A whisper, a sigh, a faded echo
In my locket, preserved forever
A face of today or one I have sought
But can no longer return to
And perhaps would not
Even if I could
As the waves of time
Roll, ebb, flow,
And melt at my feet
Like whispers of snow

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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