Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another Day Dies

The shadow of the willow falls
Upon the charcoal grass
In purple skies a lone bird calls
Another day is past
Through an open window
I can hear a baby’s cries
Hushed softly by the music
Of a mother’s lullabies
As another day dies

The happy and the heavy heart
Are wrapped in velvet blue
As the daylight shades depart
Beyond the crimson hue
And weary limbs can rest at last
Beneath the muted skies
While evening melodies are cast
In tender, tranquil sighs
As another day dies

Like an endless, rushing stream
It tumbles o’er the brink
To join the glow of faded dreams
In fields of hazy pink
The suffering and the anguish
The smiles or bitter sighs
Both joy and sorrow languish
On this carpet of good-byes
As another day dies

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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