Saturday, April 21, 2018

Danger of...

For today’s prompt, write a danger poem. There are various levels of danger out there–from physical danger to the danger of being discovered doing something you shouldn’t (or doing something that might embarrass you–or someone else). Even the act of writing and sharing a poem brings with it the potential for danger.

 Last Saturday, winter!

this Saturday, Summer(well, almost😉!)

Danger of missing the moment:
To be caught up in pining for some fond and faded year
Is to miss the fine brush-strokes in the art of now and here

Danger of falling in love:
To fall in love completely is a risk lovers will take
Its wonder worth the danger of a heart destined to break

Danger of stealing roses:
The rose is lovely to behold as bud from bloom is borne
But beware, if you pick it, it will prick you with its thorn

Danger of deception:
The danger of exchanging truth for more appealing lies
Is that unless one recognizes wrong, discernment dies

Danger of the she-carpenter:
To be afraid to take a chance is to be sure to fail
So, if I swing the hammer, honey, will you hold the nail?

Danger of vanity:
Truth, sometimes hard to swallow is still healthier to hear
Than indulging our pride on fat of flattery, my dear

Danger of the double life:
If you decide to live with much to hide each day is like
A journey through a minefield in the middle of the night

© Janet Martin


  1. A lot of imparted wisdom and 'food' for thought here, Janet. I laughed out loud with this:
    "So, if I swing the hammer, honey, will you hold the nail?"
    Well done and CONGRATULATIONS on all these awards that I see popping up on your blog!


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