Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Middle-Stage Woman

 So far middle-age is much better than I thought it would be...
when I was young!
I wonder how soon I'll read this poem...
and wish I would have kept my tongue?!😁

...using the word 'tea' as a good get-together reason for catching up with each other's busy lives
  my sisters, sisters-in-laws and mom got together at Lucy's house on Monday afternoon.
We are all approaching, discovering or well into 'middle-stage' (yes, even mom...she's not 80 yet:)
thus, finding in spite of many differences, much common ground!

(A few tea-cup pics from Victoria's collection)

Caught between flattery of youth
And wisdom of the sage
We covet both; small-talk and truth
A woman, middle-stage

A bit of whimsy, never spent
As moments take their toll
To leave us, modestly content
In weathered skin of soul

A girl disguised by wear and tear
Of day-to-week to years
That we know will always be there
Though her face disappears

…and leaves what may seem at first glance
A book, quite nondescript
Where chapters of love-loss-romance
‘neath seasoned Cover slipped

Those well-intended promises
We made when we were young
And Time won’t let her keep, I guess
Will keep her going strong

...just a tree, missing a few leaves
Bloom with some petals lost
Just a girl trading first fancies
For Things That Matter Most

…determined, with humility
To embrace turn of page
Graced with ancient discovery
Of women, middle-stage

© Janet Martin


  1. Wonderful, Janet! A bit envious of your girls' tea-time with family, but very happy for you. And I LOVE the cups and saucers! Victoria's quite a collector.

    And congratulations on your new award! Just saw it. You are tops!

    1. Hi Sasha, it's strange how we live, some of us thirty seconds apart, a couple minutes apart, all less than thirty min. apart and still need to make a date or we might not see each other between Christmas and summer get together!(unless there's a wedding or a funeral!) blessed to have family close by, yes AND blessed to have a daughter who loves 'old' things. She has such a good eye for noticing beauty in well-loved items that have stood the test of time or that make her feel 'vintage-y':)
      Thank-you for the congrats, Sasha! humbly surprised and honored!


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