Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A Few More Of My Favorite Things (part 2)

…glimpses of heaven
in gardens and children
soft socks or slippers
when winter gale howls
Old England classics
Vlasic pickles
Icicles dripping
From Sun-tickled jowls

Prize-winning posies
(there are no losers)
Work to keep busy
When worry would rue
Rag-taggle rooster
Strutting, cock-a-doodle-doo
Rise and shine, farmer
We love and need you

Bowls full of peas to pod
Holes full of puddle
Puddle full of colorful
Little boots going ‘splosh’!
Jar full of flea-bane
On sunny south window-sill
Mouth full of maybes
On a rare morning off!

Breeze bearing fragrance
Of blossom tree’s beauty
Cutie pie snuggled
In the crook of my arm
Traveling with princes
And pages and sages
Wood-fire crackling
With old-fashioned charm

Snacking on popcorn
Or packing up early
To ride a bicycle
Over the lea
Where a new day brims
On east horizon-lines
Heavy with helpings of
Of what waits to be

Clean tidy kitchen
(No sink full of dishes)
After the baking
And cooking is done
Heart full of wonder
A boy’s pocket-plunder
Cherishing joy
Of each daughter or son

One rainy afternoon
Without Duty’s diction
Clinking of teacups
Just the two of us
Weathering love’s
Bittersweet afflictions
Through fiction’s fancy
… Pride and Prejudice

Nursery Rhyme newcomers
Oh, don’t you just love ‘em?
Miss Muffet, pat-a-cake,
Twinkle, little star
Sometimes I wish
For the sake of your sweetness
That you could stay
Just the way that you are!

Red-cheeked geraniums
Faces pressed to windows
Waiting for weather
To go out to play
Cicada-drone wafting
Through hot August high-noon
Crickets crick-cricking
Sweet summer away

Frost-brittle corn fields
Tea-kettle canticle
Mossy-nook temples
And book full of poem
Backyard vacation
Simple celebration
For zinnia, rose
Portulaca and home

Bulrush Ragamuffins
And saucy, fat robins
Visions of vegetable rows
Thriving, weed-free
Wide-open windows
To let in the music
Of bird-song, leaf-guitars
And wind-symphony

Time out for talking to
Forgotten flowers
Snow-storm while supper-soup
Makes us feel whole
Moaning with gladness
At the sheer finesse
Where Beth Powning’s memoirs
Bare a woman’s soul

© Janet Martin

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