Thursday, April 26, 2018

Wonder-full Wander-pull

...first she lamented the shrinking snow-mountain...

... then, after a pause she said, "Actually, it's quite spwingy today ...
I don't weally want it to be wintow anymoh (winter anymore)!"
And I heartily agreed!!
 (The same girl who lamented in January 'what kind of winter is this?!!" at the lack of snow:)

Oh, doesn't it give you an adrenaline rush as you contemplate 
what waits with the turn of the next calendar page!
(no, not the 'whole-lotta-work...the wonder!)

A world of budded wonder waits to wow the one who wanders where
A loom of green-gossamer lace breaks soft upon the dreamy stare
And mist of pink-kissed cherry tree and puddles of forget-me-not
Draw we of footloose, fancy-free proclivity to wooded lot

The daffodil with dapper grin delights us with its yellow duds
And suddenly somewhere within we feel a little like the buds
That brim with beauty’s Magnum Opus where too long gales held at bay
The sanguine song and sunbeams dancing in a ballroom we call May

Like plump gold pillows, primrose clumps are tossed to grass-lounge riverbanks
We cannot help but pause a bit and revel in the thrill of ‘thanks’
For winter past and summer’s mast raised on a massive flower-yacht
For luxury of sweat and dust and long June days and garden plot

The best of life seems better after we have weathered winter’s ‘Worst’
The zest of laughter sweeter in bare feet dandelion immersed
And oh, that first full burst of color; tulip-lilac promenade
Makes everybody fall in love with Nature and her fine parade

© Janet Martin

 PAd Challenge day 26: For today’s prompt, write a relationship poem. Of course, there are human relationships, but there are also plant-animal relationships, animal-animal relationships, and even mathematical relationships. Good, bad, healthy, and not-so-much. Dive deep today.



  1. Lilting and lulling- and I’m so ready to say good bye to winter too!

    1. thank-you! May 1st has certainly brought more seasonal temps! Hooray!


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