Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Real Deal NOT A Fair Deal, But A Very Big Deal...and a Done Deal!

For today’s Two-for-Tuesday prompt:
  1. Write a deal poem.
  2. Write a no deal poem.

God said,
So, here’s the deal
Man’s doomed to hell
Their best works
Infested by pride
A hopeless lot
Me, oft forgot
Unless their
Comfort is denied
The curse they bear
Since Eden where
Evil dared Eve to take a bite
Then Adam too, brought, through these two a need man's sacrifice can't right
We need a Lamb, A perfect Lamb without blemish or spot, to heal
Jesus said, ‘Father, here I AM’... God said, my Beloved, so, here’s the deal...
Son, I'll send You
Faultless and true
To be the scapegoat
for My Bride
And love will be
Tortured, hated,
then crucified
So that The Lost
(though vile the cost)
May find hope through
their sins forgiven
The cross becomes
A footbridge from
the gates of hell
to the gates of Heaven
That's the deal,
Mt precious Son
Jesus replied,

© Janet Martin

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