Monday, April 23, 2018

Teaching The Poet To Dance

PAD Challenge 23: For today’s prompt, write an action poem. So many actions are available to the poet: singing, running, clapping, working, and–umm–poeming. 
Yes, there’s a world of possibility today–all ready to act.

A Casanova, without form; he takes Her heart by storm
He woos with hues; runs seasons through his blue-eyed, sky-wide charm
Sometimes a sentimentalist, sometimes a reckless rogue
He draws Her into dances with allure of written word

…and she, smitten by what might be cannot resist his touch
A woman, willing to be kissed by similes and such
She lets him lead and moves beneath his eloquent command
He, with a poem on his lips, she with a pen in hand

The slow-dance of an Almost-poem brushes heart-to-heart
He has the way of whispers down to a near-perfect art
In murmur of a meadow brook, in bobbing bloom-bell’s chime
In vesper-sigh, the shadow-ladder that no one can climb

In lilt and rhyme, he, Father Time with most familiar ease
Will steal her breath and crush her beneath weight of memories
Both backstabber and lover, hope and heartbreak synchronized
He teaches her to wait while leaving her poem-surprised

Beneath Her ribs the motion of an ocean crashes hard
Roused by mulled shards of autumn pressed into spring’s empty yard
He primes Time’s tug of echoes with both laughter and lament
Life's sweet, torturous tango twixt The Waiting and The Spent

© Janet Martin

(just for fun I highlighted the action/motion words,
in case it felt like a sedate poem;-)


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