Monday, April 16, 2018

Speaking Out For April!

Some more 'for-the-record-book shots' of a mid-April snow-day!

 But now, on April's behalf I beg!!!

Find her a fairy with wands made of cherry-bloom
Fix her a halo of silk sun-spun gold
Toss her a silver-mist mantle; a candle
Held to a hollow where violets unfold

Sing her a florist with daffodil havens
Fight for her right to umbrellas and such
Give her an apron; pockets full of rain-song
To waken bracken and furrow’s first dust

Shake a firm finger at old, Old Man Winter
Smoking his pipe in some sky belvedere
Tapping out ashes in big, white, wet splashes
Laughing as if he has nothing to fear    

Woo the warm zephyr too timid to venture
Over the sheen of pristine shiver-hue
Shout out a piece of your mind to the cold, bold
Philanderer of diamonds waiting to be dew

Daydream a picnic on green-meadow blankets
Fancy spring frocks of lilac and willow
Listen to catch the faint tolling of bluebells
Ringing in woodlots still covered with snow

Take a big heart and fill it with good wishes
Break it apart like a bud full of leaf
Whisper a picture of brooks filled with fishes
Forgive the maker of April’s mischief      

Croon a tune soft with pink inkling of summer
Kiss her a promise of tulip-pansy
Fluster the bluster of dusk’s dark-eyed busker
Standing on crocus shoots fiddling for free  

Tell Her a story of bare-footed children
Flower shaped founts for bumbling bumblebees
Hollyhock hollows and butterfly gardens
Beg Old Man Winter to take a nap, please

© Janet Martin

 This, version two of this poem, is a little bittersweet
 because version one, while I cooked supper 
was back-spaced to extinction by darling grandson(15 mos. old) and replaced with a row of zeros!
Version one had flowed from my fingers like a blind painter,
while version two, clawed from memory feels like shards of color not quite correctly arranged!
 But I feel like someone should speak out on April's behalf so I could not leave it 'unspoken':)

oh, and how's about cranking up a good picnic song?!

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