Monday, April 16, 2018

Because You Are My Favorite Son

PAD Challenge prompt 16:For today’s prompt, write a favorite poem. Maybe that sounds a bit silly, but what I mean is to write a poem about something that’s your favorite. A favorite teacher. Favorite movie. Favorite ice cream flavor. I don’t know, because I have my own list of favorites. Only you can do you…and your favorites. Who knows? Maybe this will end up being your favorite prompt this month...

Because you are my favorite son
*I will stay up til midnight
to get your laundry done
 so tomorrow's work pants, shirts and coat
 won't be drenched with the pure
(or barn smell:)

Because you are my favorite son
I'll pour your morning coffee-to-go
 and pack your lunch
(Contrary to 'other mother' advice)
Because you say you like 'lunch-surprises'
and I agree;

...and my best guess is
as long as the mess is
yours, I'll keep on scolding and folding
and tidying
(or it might not get done)
Love always,
from your 'favorite mother'
to you,
my favorite son


I esp. like him on the days he surprises me with a Tim Horton's coffee!

Matt is our only son.
I don't have a favourite daughter...I have three!

Tonight I was ready to go to bed when I remembered 
Matt told me when he came home from work
that there is a garbage bag of very dirty work clothes in the garage!
(Some of which he will need in the morning)
So, I decided to check out today's PAD prompt while it was washing...
easy-peasy to come up with a topic;-)
and p-s-s-st! when I'm poem-ing I almost forget what time it is!

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