Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Of Lions and Snakes

...playing catch-up! 
I got so caught up in Monday's 'favorite things' prompt I neglected Tuesday!
For yesterday’s Two-for-Tuesday prompt:
  1. Write a love poem.
  2. Write an anti-love poem.

Love Poem

The body is a lion-cage
Where rage and passion scars
Its bars; who knew a flesh-blood stage
Could hold such holy roars 

Or how across the room from me
You rouse, without a touch
The part of me no one can see
But you love, very much

..and where the cage, to other eyes
Seems quite common, I guess
Beneath the cloth of Bearing lies
Love's pacing lioness


anti-love poem

there is no hope in hate
revenge cannot appeal
....the fangs of cruel word can cut
what a lifetime won't heal

the mouth can be fiend
when fueled by pure spite
where dust of skin cannot repel
The venom of hate's bite

be careful what you say
lest in the end you grieve
what forgiveness won't soothe away
the scars; those never leave 

the god of self, it seems
is never satisfied
as it replaces love with lust
humility with pride fills this skin-bone shell
with bitterest of fruit
if, where the hurt of harsh word fell
we let revenge take root 



  1. i thought I had commented on these - loved them and I love Alison Krauss too!

    1. Hi, thank-you for reading and as always, your comments! I LOVE Alison's music. She has a voice like no other!


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