Friday, April 20, 2018

A Sunny-Spring Celebration Song To God of Our Salvation

It is easy to sing in the sunshine😊

He has established His throne in the Heavens
His Sovereignty rules over all
He is Proprietor of every season
His Ways are infallible

Never a motive but mercy and goodness
Never a breach in His care
Faithful provider of hope and forgiveness
Nothing to Him can compare

He does not waver, our Lord and our Saviour
Never a promise forgets
Oh, what a wonder-full, wondrous Creator
Joy to this old world begets

He is the Father that stands in the doorway
Watching, waiting from afar
Welcoming ‘Prodigal sons’ from their wand’ring
Into His wide, open arms

Lord, you are faithful through all generations
You have established the earth
Your loving kindness extends to the heavens
Your grace gives human race worth

Your righteous judgement in due time is given
You intercede when we call
You have established Your Throne in the heavens
Your Sovereignty rules over all

© Janet Martin

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