Monday, April 2, 2018

Portait of a Middle-aged Mother

PAD Challenge day 2: For today’s prompt, write a portrait poem.

"Don't wait for me" said their mother
to daughters oblivious of heart-shores where 
waves of spent wars crash...

Pastoral splay the days and years
Where hope and heartache war
Life's storm of seasons disappears
Like waves that dash the shore

She stands to gaze across the maze
That drew Her from her youth
Where gossamer of yesterdays
Exhales Time's timeless truth hallowed halls of Nothing New
Carve from hallmarks of dirt
An echo-lavished avenue
Of happiness and hurt

Which dream was granted or withheld
Right now she can't recall
The thorn and rose of loving meld
Like shadows on a wall 



  1. Beautiful, Janet. This is something we all feel, the difference is: you can put it into words. Into lasting poetry.

  2. Perfect description of our feelings!


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