Wednesday, April 25, 2018


PAD Challenge 25: For today’s prompt, pick an intriguing and/or seldom-used word, make it the title of your poem, and then, write your poem. If you have a limited vocabulary, try out brabble, dandle, feracious, impavid, lippitude, or vulgus. Or pick up a dictionary or thesaurus.

Judy shared this quote in her post the other day;
 “Be kind; everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” (Ian MacLaren)

 We have to climb the mountain...
 Before we can enjoy the view!

 Some people wear their crown of thorns, not on their heads but on their hearts... 

 One thing we ALL have access to is The Grace that leads us Home!

 We can be so wrong about people and what we think their life is like;
the things they do not wear on their sleeves might deceive us into thinking 
where we have Uphill Second Miles they have Easy Street! 
...until they perhaps confide a hidden hurt and we realize;
We are all fighting a hard battle! Be kind.

The Calignosity of Sight does not unveil The Fight~

What They do not wear on their sleeves may deceive
Our eyes with a sly sleight of guesses
And we might be prone to think we’re all alone
In our short-change of happinesses

We start to believe by the puff of their sleeve
That the ‘stuff’ love is born to suffer
Has heaped to our care more than mercy’s fair share
Of second-mile ‘love one another’

We might think the ink that shapes their legacy
Smiles wide as it spills finest fortune
While our own amount of blessings we count
Is doled out in more meager portion

What we do not know by what They choose to show
Might kindle a woe-is-me fire
When, in reality Their battle might be
Anything but what we would desire

© Janet Martin

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