Tuesday, April 17, 2018

#3, And Last But By Far NOT Least of My Favorite Things (and not all of them, by far!)

Hand-me-down faith
Of our fathers and mothers
Imagine living
Without More-to-come’?!
Comfort and courage
In Hope’s Rock of Ages
God Abides always
In both storm and calm 

Crock-pot creations
Slow-cooked into dinner
‘Helpers’ that hop up
On step-stools to see
As they join the ranks
That we all are a part of
… beautiful, wonder-full

Pudgy-foot pit-pat
Of sweetie-pie toddlers
Feet wearing mittens
Or mom’s high heel shoe
Cuddle-bug kisses
And breath-stealing innocence
Keeping us humble
And gentle and true

Kettle-bells, kick-boxing
Kitchen-gym workouts
Rekindling zest for
Life’s best; ah, routine
Spotify playlist
Piano-Guy serenade
Makes peeling potatoes
A chore, fit for a queen 

Front row seat hilltops
Listening to 'show' tunes
Where Longshadow Sundown
Strums barb-wire guitars
As twilight’s slow motion
Rolls in like an ocean
Until every hilltop
Is covered in stars

Girls in white dresses
And boys being boist’rous
Love learning lyrics
That ‘hold’ cannot know
Ear full of echoes spilled
Where yester-voices
Drift through a Doorway
From long, long ago

Living as if joy
Was not hinged to sorrow
Writing as if there’s
No tomorrow there
Laughing in spite of
Longing’s knife-like hunger
Dancing as if
I was Fred Astaire

Slow flip-flop amble
On dusk-dusty rambles
Taking the time to
Forget about time
Collecting colors
And kisses and whispers
That will fit finely
Into timeless rhyme

Warm homemade muffins
With grand-babe’s approval
Second-cup Saturdays
Once, every week!
I love grocery-shopping
The sound of corn popping
And raindrops plip-plopping
On garden and street

Sun-warm tomatoes
(ah, heaven will serve those!)
Summer siestas
At half-past three
Happiness finding
Old-new ways to happen
Beneath sprawling wreath
Of a black-walnut tree

Swallowtail chases
Unexpected graces
Like finding a flower
In a sidewalk crack
Making the most
Of this forward-faced journey
Because we all know
There is no going back

Driving for hours
Without destination
Taking the long way
To where? we don’t care
As long as it’s you
In the driver’s seat, darling
Gordon Lightfoot on the radio
And wind in our hair

By-and-by... we’ll be back
But don’t come looking
Too much to do
For two people in love
Glad for the ‘have’ we had
But here’s to hoping
We will always feel
Like it’s not quite enough

© Janet Martin

As I hunted for a pic under the 'simple things' label
I was reminded again
Simple Things are life's Best!

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