Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Bare Facts of Moment-Matter


PAD Challenge day 5: For today’s prompt, write an intelligence poem.

“We cannot choose our external circumstances, 

...but we can always choose how we respond to them” 


In this buffet of day-to day and choices that we make
We reap or bear the consequence of that which we partake
And though ‘looking won’t hurt us’ as the olden adage quips
Nor will grand gazing help us to enjoy the benefits

…and what perhaps we scoffed a bit with youth’s intelligence
When we thought life was bigger than its flicker of intents
Hits us hard with the truth we were forewarned about by peers
How, how we use mere moments is the dividend of years

The bare fact of the matter in the matter of tick-tock
Is a subtle undoing that can come as quite a shock
As what we once considered 'stuff' of little consequence
Gathers the fluff of moments into rightful recompense

© Janet Martin

Three more scoops of vegetable soup, I encourage as she eyes the 'dessert'. 
(because 'eat your vegetables' matters!😋

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