Friday, April 6, 2018

"My Dad Doesn't Read The Newspaper!" or Some Things Never Change

"Think!" said the young man teaching the grades 1-6 Sunday School classes this past Sunday.
He was trying to get them to remember the word 'gospel' means Good News!
As a clue he asked 'what does your dad read in the morning with his coffee?
no answer.
"news..." he hints
no answer.
"The newspaper, right?"
One little boy in my class shook his head
(looking up at me with eyes so big and brown one could get lost in them) 
and whispered loudly, "My dad doesn't read the newspaper. He reads his Bible!"
All the other little boys whispered "my dad doesn't read the newspaper!"
I'm guessing the news is likely read on smaller less intrusive or visible devices.
(Also, it made me wonder how many families still sit down together for breakfast in the morning!) 
Ah, changing far less newspapers being sold or read!...or Bibles?

One thing that does not change is children...
they still come into the world as pure and innocent as ever!
(Perfect in crooked ponytails and week-old Dominican-vacation braids;-))
Yesterday I listened to these two girls chat as they strung 'seeds'
 (One little girl simply couldn't remember they were beads, not seeds;-)
Comparing and discussing life one girl (daughter of a multi-million$ farm operation) said to the other "well, I guess someone just gave us this farm and now all we have is chores!
 cow-chores, chicken-chores, calf-chores, cat-chores and Clifford-chores (Clifford is their new puppy) 
It's SO bohing(boring) we don't get to watch anything, not even a pretend TV!! 
She, a through and through farm girl is out with her daddy chasing cattle, kicking and whooping with the best of them and loves it...doesn't know she's living a bit of heaven on earth 
or that someone did not 'just give' the farm to them, 
but children are free and unhindered as yet with 'the ties that bind dads and moms to the grindstone!'

Children, so innocent, so dependent on us!! teach, train, instruct as they absorb their surroundings!

Oh, bitty best perfection
Oh, pretty girl and boy
You steal our best affection 
and rouse our deepest joy

Oh, mommy, daddy, listen
This bitty blur of bliss
That grants glimpses of heaven
Is more than hug and kiss

It is a commandeering 
Toward a Certain Goal 
A vital,
Of body bearing soul



  1. You are so perfect for the job of looking after little ones. Beautiful words worthy of rejoicing. Thanks for always making me smile or nod, or cheer, or weep, or be grateful, Janet.

    1. Thank-you, sweet friend! Hope you have a great meeting tonight. Miss you all but this right here is the beautiful, draining, best-in-the-world reason that by Friday night I'm kaput!!! I guess the old gray mare ain't what she used to be lol!
      (I've often remarked that who knew snail's pace could be SO exhausting!)


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