Saturday, April 28, 2018

Our Glorious Here (by a Child Caregiver:)

PAD Challenge 27: For today’s prompt, write a story poem. ...
or in this case, little stories posted after the poem that helped inspire it.

Once, upon a fond time and place
Which soon swift season-tides erase
They graced her life; her heart and arms
Run through and through with child-sweet charms

A ‘bless this mess’ and ‘my-oh-my’
A ‘share your toys’ and ‘hush, don’t cry’
Days filled with noise from boys and girls
Like oysters filled with precious pearls

…because we know; time proves it oft
With touch so commonplace and soft
How soon we wear love’s tender hurts
In loss of little shoes and shirts

They leave amongst strewed toys and such
The innocence we love so much
That tunes our laughter with life’s best
And makes so worth it all, the rest

Where, though a wee girl’s ‘loudest weep’
Might wake the baby just asleep
Where though ‘it was an accident’
Wears thin the grin of good intent

And though the crumbs that stick to feet
Might make us cringe and groan abit
And though the joys of girls and boys
Might weary us with fuss and noise

...The time will come (oh yes, it will)
When home-sweet-home is clean and still
The cheek kind-kissed with wistful tear
For what is now our Glorious Here

© Janet Martin

"I sure wish we had your house"
 Little Boy sighed as he marveled at a freshly-filled bathroom-tissue holder ...

 Little Boy: (after I noticed he's not eating the mozzarella cheese at lunch)
 "I only like yellow cheese"
Me: but the only 'yellow' cheese I have is old and I'm not sure you'll like it"
"Oh no!" he said, "I only like new cheese"
Me: "my old cheese is new...but my new cheese is old..."
(so we all tried a piece and and they decided Janet's new, old cheese is delicious!:)
Kids, don't you just love 'em!
...and to top it all off:  this morning, this sign at the end of my cousin's driveway!
Can't you just picture the painstaking 'pride' that went into making the letters big and bold enough
for drive-by reading!

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