Saturday, April 7, 2018

April Snow #2 or April Angel

Earth will not suffer long, my love
Her filigree of ice
Will fall prey to a song, my love
Of April’s avarice

A glutton for green joy-oh-joy
And plumage, purple-gold
She gathers frigid ‘boy-oh-boy’
Into a Story Told

And waltzes like a woman, oh
Too long of sun bereft
Across the dormant garden, oh
With magic in each step

…to dance a dueling promenade
Caught between March and May
An ebb-and-flow of Hope Betrayed
And laughter’s gladdest play

For she is April’s Angel-Queen
She melts forbidden snow
And spins a winsome world of green
From winter’s overflow

And where Her white wing-feathers fell
A yellow halo spills
To waken in the dryad's dell
The first spring-peeper trills

© Janet Martin

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