Saturday, April 14, 2018

Humbled Hopers/Grumblers

We are under a huge ice-storm warning!
Already a hellion rages at our windows, while
We put flashlights and candles where we can find them in the dark,
 hoping against hope we won’t need them!!

 It has begun so hope rearranges its 'prayer-list' and puts new prayers to the forefront...
...for safety and strong hydro-lines!

Ah, turn that dial to a sky-smile
Ice is such a hellion
Or turn the rain to snow again
And I promise we won’t complain

But now we’d settle for the nettle
Of a snowflake’s kinder cold

Nature shudders beneath rudders
Of a wild wind's wilful roar
Humbled wishing wants ‘The Something’
That we whined about before

© Janet Martin

Some reminders why we're apprehensive... 
Sinister beauty!

April 2013


  Feb. 2016

Mar. 2016

 We lost our beloved red  maple tree!

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