Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A Sure Thing

They say in life there are only two sure things; death and taxes.
Well, it's tax season!
The time of year we must account for earnings and losses...
of dollars that is!
The other Account comes after the Other Sure Thing...

 So then, each of us will give an account of ourselves to God.
Ah, here is moral ground on which to establish Truth,,,

It hurts and heals, it lends and steals
It tears and mends and molds
The best of life and worst of life
Into elusive folds

It breaks the bread of living
Into crumbs soft-swept away
And keeps us always on the verge
Of Almost Yesterday

It foists on boist’rous gait, the weight
Of an Unseen Offing
The After-death, Doubters debate
The dying; A Sure Thing

A beast that feasts on moments, oh,
We pet and stroke its fur
A love-hate, touch-taste, hold-let-go
That leads to for-ev-er

A poet with a pen called Breath
Authors life's requiem (rek-wee-uh m)
Where what we do with what we have
Will be its total sum

© Janet Martin

Until this morning I thought the word requiem rhymes with the word dream or hymn
but I decided to double-check, just in case!
Did you know it's a three-syllable word ending with the um sound?!
OH!!! what new rhyming possibilities have just been born in this poem-lorn brain😄

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