Wednesday, April 18, 2018

To We Who Are Tempted...

PAD Challenge day 18: For today’s prompt, write a temptation poem.

Yielding to temptation is the mother of sin Gen. 3
Jesus was tempted and sinned not. Luke 4
 We are all tempted.
Temptation is not the problem...
but what we do with it might possibly be!

We are masters
Of Invention
When temptation
Needs excuse
My, but somehow
Human weakness
Finds a vice
It can't refuse

We are creatures
Born to habit
Dangles its bait
But it never
Ever forces
Anyone to
Take a bite

Eve, for all
The trees in Eden
Lusted for
Forbidden fruit
Took a bite
Gave some to Adam
And from there
Sin's seed took root

Don't you hate it
When first morning
Meets its golden
Sunshine mark
...and the 'crumbs'
Of 'secret snacking'
Looked much better
In the dark

Janet Martin~

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