Friday, April 20, 2018


PAD Challenge day 20: For today’s prompt, take a line from an earlier poem (preferably from this month) to begin your poem for today. For instance, I took the final few lines of my poem from day 12 to start my example poem below. So scan through your earlier stuff to figure out where to start today.

I chose the second-last line in the poem from April 2nd; Poem Sea
 ...The Momentum of Moments

In the momentum of moments
In the masterpiece and mess
In the fist-a-cuff and kisses
In the hurt and happiness

In the yard of almost summer
In the wars we lose and win
In the crinkle and the twinkle
Of a lad's mischievous grin

In the grip of Old Man winter
When he refuses to leave
In the glory of glad branches
Granted snowflake-star reprieve

In the way we never weary
Of the wonder that love stirs
As we all love feeling special
By our special ‘hims and hers’

In the garden, in the woodland
In the barn or house or field
In the mist that forges mem’ries
From the ‘This’ that moments yield

In the early, pearly morning
Middle-day and musky dusk
In the burgeoning of blossoms
Or the crepe of hollow husk

In the rise and falling gavel
As tick-tock unravels years
Lies the tremor of a poem
That, left unpenned, disappears

© Janet Martin

This poem was one of those tremors I had to reel in before it turned into a tidal wave!

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