Monday, April 16, 2018

Prisoner of Winter

 After a few power-outages,  I think the worst is over, but who knows for sure, this year!!
Our 'pushed snow' pile from Sat. Sun. & Mon is bigger than any pile we had  all winter

There’s no escape from the glistening mass
Capturing earth in a prison of glass

Heave-ho, the cisterns of heaven have drained
…dances of branches ensconced and restrained

Creaking and aching beneath silver stress
Nature’s back breaking with every breath

Hope, like harpoon we aim at the sky
Begging the boreal beast to pass by

Ruffling the feathers of junco and finch
Tossed by a ruffian refusing to flinch

Mortal is helpless against elements
Casting and crushing landscapes in ice tents

Torn between beauty and brokenness, oh,
April surrenders to splendors of snow

Spring, held captive in a glass-castle dome
While Old Man Winter makes himself at home

© Janet Martin

Weather like this keeps the shutter-bug a-gasp/aghast with delight and dismay!

Mild afternoon temps have relieved the trees of a lot of their beauty/ burden!

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