Sunday, April 8, 2018

Mist-kissed Past-Cast

The Winning Shot! 
More moments...
Thank-you Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler, for adding the nail-biter finish as our hearts soared and fell with the score, depending on who we were cheering for!

...and then the Past comes slipping in
To brush to nothing-more-than-mist
the bloom and blush of grin 
and groan and moments
tear or laughter-
Where all
that yet remains from
pain and pleasure's mighty itty-bit
is the remembrance  of the moment
and what we  have learned from it


Rory offers congratulations he dreamed perhaps, of receiving...but not this time. 

The common fellowship of we who slip and trip and fall
Is that we feel true sympathy for those who know the pain
Of broken dreams and hope that seems, at the moment, so small
But makes us brave enough to stand up tall and try again


Another twilight fades to shades that snuffs the countryside
 Where history is made with what we did with what we held
Then each today turns into yesterday on time's swift tide
And shapes the view we look back to as twilight shadows meld

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