Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Part Four;Of A Few More of My Favorite Things more?! Cause this poem is a little like this winter... it just keeps on giving! but,
I’m gonna stop now…
Jim/hubby told me when I called him tonight, I’m worse than a long-winded preacher!😊
And that gave me the line I was looking for at the time…a sunset that preaches!

Anne of Green Gables
And picnic tables
Heaped high with freshly picked
Beans to preserve
Stratus-cloud artistry
On a blue heaven-sea
Beauty unrivaled
Purely undeserved

(listen for the crack of an aluminum bat near the end...some children playing ball in a field:)

April woods ringing with
Spring-peepers singing
Crack where a ball
And the bat’s sweet spot meet
Bird-feeders granting
Delight so enchanting
Rainbow of feather-friends
Squabble and eat

Home-sweet-home’s Comfortable
Sense of belonging
Old granite dishes
A soak in the sun
Hard work, soft zephyrs
Wide, worn verandas
The feeling you get
From a job well done

Forget-me-not fairylands
Waking girlhood again
Wildflower wander-lanes
Like a postcard
Sisters being silly
An orange tiger-lily
The face that you made
When you ate raw rhubarb

Books without covers
Because they were loved so
Hummingbird hov’ring
At a nectar-fount
Wonder that renders
That blund’ring tongue speechless
 …too many blessings
To begin to count

Antique alarm clocks
Smooth, wave-washed river-rocks
Sassy-faced pansies
Of purple-gold swirls
Maple-sweet drizzle
On pancakes still sizzling
Bengal spice tea
For us ‘middle-stage’ girls

Foxy fedoras
Deep red gladiolas
Wispy half-willow leaf
Quilts spread on green sod
A sunset that preaches
A toddler that teaches
A whisper that reaches
From us up to God

Big yellow hello
Filling east-faced windows
Russet-leaf cartwheels
From summer-song spent
The end of the couch
That they knows is ‘mom’s corner’
Family all home
Her heart fully content

Woodpile replenished
Roads home from the dentist
Campfires, snow-tires
Stored in the shed
One second diamonds
As they jump off the dock-end
Moon on the water
And me in my bed

© Janet Martin

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