Saturday, June 1, 2013

Time Flies

Time flies, we whisper
Then turn to the moments at hand softly drifting
For these are love’s milestones in the making

Time flies, we lament
Yet we cannot afford to mourn too long
For soon these moments will tune yesterday’s song

Time flies, we sigh
Treasuring its bittersweet agonies
As we hold the mold of tomorrow’s memories

Time flies, we agree
As we join the ranks that murmured it too
Walking in their footprints where the old is new

© Janet Martin

I love watching the kids discover age-old truths; then I realize that we as parents are also discovering what our own parents could not make us understand when we  were young as they would caution us to choose wisely and well who and what we serve for this life is short!

Inspired as I read this.

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  1. Indeed time flies....once we are kids and our parents used to tell us all and now we are in their shoes...well written poem...


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