Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Boy Without a Dad

It’s hard to be a boy without a dad
The other fellows, without second thought
Say ‘my dad did this’ or ‘that’s what my dad said’
And suddenly I miss my dad an awful lot

It’s hard to be a lad without a dad
There’s things a mother simply cannot do
And oh, sometimes I simply wish I had
A dad that I could brag and boast of too

It’s hard to be a boy without a dad
Mothers are great but they can’t seem to see
The need to do those things that make us glad
Like dads, who also once were little boys like me

Dollars and cents are not enough to buy
The one thing that I dearly wish I had
My mother hugs me; I try hard not to cry
But it’s hard to be a boy without a dad

© Janet Martin


  1. Very hard for a boy to lose his any age...but especially when a child.


  2. Yes, my husband was 10 when his dad died. He said Father's Day was always hard, and listening to other boys say 'my dad showed me how to do such and such...'


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