Wednesday, June 26, 2013 my fifteen year-old son

Contemplating the end of a school year re-ignited the words I wrote for my son a year ago when he graduated from Grade 8.
It is not a swift wrenching from my grasp
Or my chest
As you steal my heart
It is a patient sort of tender anguish
Sweet and slow,
It is rendered in sudden
Intake of breath
A smile
A tear
A sigh
It trembles beneath me
Deep in the earth
As I look into your eyes
For I know full well
That parting lurks
Somewhere, in quiet wait
I hear it in the creaking
Of the rusty garden gate
And how your step
Falls heavier
Than when you were a lad
It makes me fully happy
And oh,
So fully sad
To know that you are stealing
With my blessing
Part by part
The deep
Innermost lining
Of your
© Janet Martin


  1. One of my favorites ever.

    But then, I have three sons. Adults now. And this so resonates with me.


  2. :) Yes, and it works the same way for girls too, but there is truly something about mothers and sons!


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