Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Laugh, Lovely Lady and Smile, Tender Groom


Laugh, lovely lady and smile tender groom
Here comes full beauty in love’s blushing bloom
Here comes the bride; for the rest of her life
Smile tender groom, she will be your wife

Smile, tender groom and laugh, lovely bride
Forever he vows to remain at your side
To honor and cherish each day of his life
In faithful companionship, husband and wife

Laugh lovely lady and smile, tender groom
Never let life strip the glow from love’s bloom
Here comes forever in dreams gently-lined
Oh, let nothing sever these sweet ties that bind

Smile, tender groom do not smother your grins
Laugh, lovely lady; a new chapter begins
From this day forward as God grants you life
This bride and groom will be husband and wife

© Janet Martin

There are few things that equal the joy and celebration of a wedding day.


  1. I just officiated a wedding a few weeks ago, and I love the way you expressed the joy of that day.

  2. tender love... this is fresh and sweet. Just like a wedding day should be.

  3. Thank-you. It was such a lovely wedding!

  4. Lovely thoughts for the bride and groom.
    Well done.


  5. Thank-you. I was reflecting on how ecstatically happy the bridal pair always is on that day.


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