Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This Fine, Fond Mingling...

Inspirational Quotes

This fine, fond mingling shapes and reshapes us
Because in love’s holding and letting go
We realize the beautiful measure
Of transient treasure in life’s moment-flow

We ought not cling then, but ever hold softly
The offerings rendered in Time’s tender tide
For just as the wave melts over the seashore
Moments wash over the mother and child

It is not long; this sojourn of laughter
Of heart-rending hurt; of hello and good-bye
Yet it is futile to try to chase after
The echoes that murmur in midnight’s deep sky

We ought to love then and love beyond reason
For what good are worry and wanting and spite?
All of life’s loaning is but for a season
Soon they slip silently from touch and sight

Treasure the measure of love’s kind bestowing
Because in its holding and letting go
Time gently shapes and re-shapes our knowing
This is the beauty in life’s moment-flow

© Janet Martin

Sometimes what I thought I knew surprises me by the realization that the older I get the less I know.


  1. Isn't that the truth? I feel the same way.


  2. :) I remember my dad telling me that when i was a teenager "I used to know a lot more than I do now' He said."Having ten children has made me change my mind about a lot of things I thought I knew" It works that way with 4 as well;)


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