Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Of Stepping-stones and Unknowns

Come now, the dawn unfurls a virgin runway from the deep
It seals our cares of yesterday where all past ages sleep
A pantomime of hopes and dreams beckons us to arise
To live and laugh; to love and pray before this new day dies

Come now; attune our hearts and lips to sing Your praises, God
As we press ever nearer to that line twixt sky and sod
Today a bud will brim to bloom while somewhere petals weep
But our goal is not the tomb, nor our victory sleep

Come now, for no one is immune to moments as they spill
And we all are accountable as we employ their will
These cares that spawn our groans and test our faith like mustard seed
Are mercy’s stepping stones leading to Arms that intercede

Come now, without heartache and hurt our prayers would cease to flow
And we would not learn how to need the One that loves us so
The dawn unfurls its gift of grace into life’s new unknown
His Hands extend in tenderness beneath each stepping stone

© Janet Martin

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