Monday, June 24, 2013

Of Sea-songs and Life-shores or Life-songs and Sea-shores

Oh, tender place where we embrace
And trace the face of lithesome years
Oh, paradox of ticks and tocks
Pleasing, teasing thought’s atmospheres

Oh vesper-lay, soft you replay
The memories of home sweet home
Mind-madrigals as season’s pulse
A steady, silent metronome

Oh, chanting rhyme of rifting time
Of still-life eons you employ
Good-bye, hello, hold on, let go
An ebb and flow of grief and joy

Oh summer dusk of mist and musk
Rousing a phantom pantomime
Of clocks and locks, of ticks and tocks
Shaping a little thing called Time

Oh, subtle tide, how brief Time’s stride
How permanent its destiny
We touch the sand upon a strand
Leading to vast eternity

© Janet Martin

Why are we so reluctant to speak of the inevitable; eternity?

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