Saturday, June 29, 2013

Of Farewells and Recompense

Upon the buxom breeze we sense
In rising, falling swell
A subtle sigh of imminence
Skimming the open fell
It hovers low above the lake
In plumes of purple mist
As it bestows the keening ache
Of being almost kissed

Is loneliness perpetual want
Of what can never be
Perplexed by beauty’s moment-taunt
And heart’s inanity?
Or is it the flip-side of love
A tender winnowing
Intangible as skies above
Yet all-encompassing

Across the wild-bloom ravishing
Of precious Time’s expanse
We bear the raw relinquishing
Of have-and-holding’s dance
From passion-pores our longing pleads
Yet in synchronous mete  
We press its echo to our needs
In comfort bitter-sweet

Upon the dew-belle dawn we sense
The tug of letting go
We hunger for the recompense
Of Time’s incumbent woe
To have and hold is love’s brief bliss
How lingering the knell
Of tender-sweetest loneliness
Where love bleeds its farewell

© Janet Martin

June; where did you go? 
Oh,fairest maiden of them all
And why your eager hastening
Toward the scrim of fall?

With glad anticipation
You rushed into our reach
Melting in meek subjection
Like a wave upon the beach

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  1. Both poems so well done.
    That hasty June. Like a fleeting shadow that brushes by the corner of your eye.


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