Monday, June 3, 2013

He Holds Me Fast

On my own plan I cannot do
The very things that I ought to
Though good intention shapes my will
It falls beneath Life’s keening drill
For soon the strength that I posses
Is but a mirrored hopelessness
And all that I can do at last
Is cling to He who holds me fast

I cannot by myself endure
Or my full lot of wants secure
The hands and hearts of mortal skin
Are prone to subtle, sundry sin
We battle a persistent foe
Of selfish thirst and prideful woe
My only hope abides at last
In He who keeps and holds me fast

Goodness and mercy do not spring
From founts of fleshly fashioning
And soon our guilt and guile will prove
Our utter need for guiltless love
Oh Lord, my God, soon I am weak
And cannot find the things I seek
My only hope is Heaven-cast
In He who guides and holds me fast

© Janet Martin


  1. You make rhyme and rhythm seem so easy - but i know it isn't Such sweet and strong sentiments.

  2. I agree with Margaret, you do rhyme so well. Sometimes I read rhyming poems that just feel contrived...yours flows. I admire your gift Janet...well, you have many more than one! And Happy Anniversary!

  3. Sue, Audrey, Margaret, Jen, I just want to than-you so much! For as much rhyming as I do it should be effortless. Margaret, thank-you for understanding that it is not! Jen, thank-you for remembering my anniversary! I was hoping to write something last night after we got home from a class trip with my daughter but I was wiped!...and inspiration has such a cantankerous mind of its own;)

  4. So nicely flowing......and the meaning is so deep and sometimes it indeed seems that , though we are doing our best but things don't workout the way we ant, at this time god can hold us only.

  5. V~ thank-you. Yes, God never fails even though we fail Him often He abides with us.


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