Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Of Happiness and Success...oh! and canned sausage

Success, for all its promises
Of comfort, luxury and bliss
Cannot, when all is said and done
Favor the heart with happiness

But happiness is that fair thing
Elusive to the hand of greed   
Its joy leaps from an obscure spring
Where love extends itself to need

The triumph of a life well-lived
And its rendition of success
Lies not in fortune’s vanity
But in the key to happiness

This key opens a precious vault
Filled, not with gold or silver boast
But with endowments visible
To those who’ve found what matters most

© Janet Martin

Sometimes happiness is a simple as sausage-on-a-bun with mustard!

...and sometimes God blesses us with the acquaintance of those who we know have found it and they seem to share it without realizing it; happiness.

We had a great day together. While I taught her of canning sausage she taught me of happiness; trust, joy, peace in spite of great unknowns as we chatted about families, marriage, love and souls; the everlasting-ness of souls bound to one of two destinies...and of how much God loves us and His desire is that not one soul should be lost.

Canned pork-sausage may not look so appealing but it is so great for a quick meal! Simply order your sausage in bulk. Spiral or place cut pieces in sterilized canning jar until full to the neck of the jar. Wipe jar-rim before placing sterilized lids on each one. Place in *Canner-pot. Cover with cold water and bring to a rolling boil. reduce heat to med. and steam for 3 hrs. Remove from heat.do not move jars while they are cooling. After they are sealed wash them and store jars in a cool, dry place.Meat will keep for months! Simply brown and serve. 

* Canner 


  1. What a gift that you could help her in this way. I'm sure it meant a lot to her,and you were both blessed:)

  2. I constantly found myself saying 'my mom did it this way'...I was glad Emily was home so she could begin seeing 'how her mother did it';) and its always more fun with a friend! Yes, we had a good day! Enjoy this warm one.

  3. Sounds like a very fruitful day.



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