Thursday, June 13, 2013

There's Something 'bout the Music of the Rain

Maybe it’s in the way they softly slip
Like teardrops spawned by tender memory
Or perhaps it’s in the trembling as they drip
In half-beats from the weeping willow-tree

The winding brook laughs as it drinks the lay
Splashing through meadowland in turquoise-blue
The puddles on the lane all dappled gray
With eighth notes somehow makes me think of you

Tip-tapping notes against the window pane
Form rivers where a thousand memories roll
There’s something ‘bout the music of the rain
That probes a longing sealed deep in my soul

Unwritten melodies in unknown tongue
Murmur the perfect blend of peace and pain
A ballad softly rushing silver-strung
Makes me wish I could see you once again

© Janet Martin~

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