Monday, June 17, 2013

Becoming Who We Wish to Be


It seems we can’t do much about
The person we were yesterday
And who we wish to be is formed
Not in some future far away
But to become who we avow
Begins with who we are right now

What’s done is done; we cannot change
The past or follies sealed therein
What is to be we cannot see
But now, the moment we are in
Is filled with opportunity
To become who we wish to be

We cannot pry hope from the sky
Or drink again the cup of youth
But we are wise to be aware
Of this oft-tried and proven truth
Who we become when we are old
Is formed within Now’s moment-mold

© Janet Martin

Don't you admire those kind and gentle elderly people? When we would exclaim how lovely our grandmother was then my mother would remind us 'she didn't become that way when she was old. If we want to be a nice 'old person' we need to begin long before we are old'. Yes, so true!

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