Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Of Beacons and Dreamers


Oh, let me never hinder
Or snuff the giddy gleam
Lighting your lithesome laughter
And the power to your dream

Oh, let me never crumple
Your footloose fantasy
Or make you fearful to embrace
More than the eye can see

But let me gently urge you
With kindly words or wise
For no one ever conquers, dear
What no one ever tries

And let me never tarnish
Or trample on the hope
That keeps you gazing yonder
To that fair and phantom slope

Let me never extinguish
That dear and darling spark
For to a dreamer it will be
Your beacon in the dark 

© Janet Martin

This may seem like it is not very hard to do, but sometimes it is!


  1. That keeps you gazing yonder
    To that fair and phantom slope

    My oldest son is a dreamer... Lovely verse.

  2. My second daughter is a dreamer.Right now her sights are on England and she insists that her love of Downton Abbey has NOTHING to do with it;)

  3. Yep, it's a hard line to walk between teaching your child be rooted in reality and encouraging their dreams.


  4. Sue, exactly! Thank-you for understanding.


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