Thursday, June 13, 2013

Shaped and Held

Across the cove from ports above
The morning parts night’s muted deep
Life’s little care that we must bear
Draws us once more from slumber’s keep

Life’s trying storm that tests our form
For some will pass, for others surge
We touch the sod that we must trod
Where feeble faith and fear converge

Beneath the mist of dawn sun-kissed
We bow our heads, whisper a prayer
For this we know, each ebb and flow
Is shaped and held within God's care

© Janet Martin

Life’s storms come in all shapes and sizes; some visible and some borne in the heart.
I have never heard anyone say ‘I have far more faith than I need. Here, have some of mine’. We never know how deep our faith runs until we need it! This is the thought that occurred to me as I read these posts of inspiration from people who are weathering storms.

and one from my dear friend Glynis, If All Else Fail, Follow the Direction

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