Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Of Pendulums and Purpose

The pendulum that draws the sun
From east to west to east
And lights the wick to virgin hope
As old dreams are released
It spurs us ever forward
In a tick-tock melody
‘Til flesh and soul are parted
At life’s final destiny

The misty morning gilds the dell
And spills into the deep
We fill our mouths with daily bread
And pray the Lord to keep
Our feet in paths of righteousness
Lest in errant folly
We see too late the horror of
Our heedless apathy

The pendulum that marks the hour
The hour that marks a day
The days that number weeks and years
Are not mere feckless fray
They are our gifted steppingstones
Leading, not to the sod
But from this earth to Heaven’s throne
And to the arms of God

© Janet Martin

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