Thursday, June 27, 2013

Stolen Flowers

These are some of the flower-stands that we passed when we were out and about today.

Keeping from God what is not ours
Is like gazing with pride at stolen flowers

(Right now the roadside stands are brimming with blooms; drop your money in container provided and pick a bouquet. I wondered if they have trouble with people simply taking the flowers, then I thought; how could anyone enjoy stolen flowers? This thought was followed by immediate conviction)


  1. I loved this! And I guess I would wonder the same thing!

  2. Audrey, it was so much fun! My son took the shots on the passenger side and I did the driver's side; most of these were on two roads! They are so beautiful. The stand that was empty has the words 'thank-you for your honesty' on the white-board in the back. I hope it emptied honestly:)

  3. I still like to believe that most people are honest when trusted like that.

    I hope so!



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