Monday, June 17, 2013

June Sonnets

The earth employs the colors of His grace
Extended now in hues of fragrant bloom
The heart relinquishes its mortal gloom
Beneath a canopy of leaf-spun lace
Flesh barracks where vain wants and woes perplex
Cannot compete with June’s green-gilded stance
Her laughter unchains shackled hearts to dance
Soothing with zephyr-song where longings vex
As weights of worry, hunger and despair
Dissolve within nature’s un-rationed bliss
Of warbler-lay and mercy’s sun-warm kiss
Against the hill; a drifter’s royal chair
And on the hem of summer’s verdant swoon
We praise the One who fills the earth with June

Ah June, there is none quite as rare as Thee
Where buttercup it golden chalice tilts
To catch the dew-gem ere its glory wilts
And beauty rests its garb beneath the tree
A glimpse of Heaven adorns humble sod
In pink of peony and lupine-blue
Each trail, a leaf-and-petal avenue
Where creation exalts the one true God
And we, in spite of pride’s inanity
Are compelled by an inner Spirit-tone
To ponder the unfathomable One
Flinging to earth fair, floral majesty
For whom but God can dormant sod attune
Or break the bud that brims in boast of June

The stalwart reed its brawny plume acquires
The willow-tree refurbishes its sigh
And though fond yearning spawns within the eye
A tear for surrendered dreams and desires
We place our feeble trust within the Hand
That probes the bud and fills the heart with hope
In hues akin to June’s emerald slope
Where once the cold wind strode the barren land
For we are sojourners of mercy’s grace
Thus He anoints the soil with beauty’s crown
As we trample her flower-dappled gown
And press our faces into her embrace
Moments will carry her afar too soon
But now we revel in the arms of June

© Janet Martin

 It seems to go from this...

to this... no time at all! It seems to pass in the same way;)

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  1. "But now we revel in the arms of June". Beautiful. I was thinking the same thing - UNBELIEVABLE that it is already the 17th...........argh. Your photos are SPECTACULAR. Such beautiful blooms!


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