Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Of Breath-bindings

They drift away
Gossamer shells
Without a flicker
Of farewell
And though they hold
Within their clutch
The staggering
Softness of touch
Where love and loss
And longing bleed
Where hope and faith
And honor plead
Where blood and sweat
And tears caress
The footfalls
Of our humanness
And monumental
Bound in half-breath
They slip into the
Languid hour
Plucking the
Glory from the flower
And children from
A mother’s reach
They rend, they croon
Tender and teach
Then slip into
Impassive air
Buoyed by whispered
Wings of prayer
Or perhaps
Just a little sigh
As we murmur
Good-bye, good-by
But they do not turn
To reply
Or brush the teardrop
From our eye
Though they have stolen
Part by part
The utmost linings
Of the heart
They spin into
The atmosphere
Beneath a guise
That we call


So many year endings and beginnings in a year. This heat-wave has finished off this year's peonies abruptly, the school-year ends, another year of summer-vacation begins, Moments molding Milestones melting into moments making memories.


  1. So good,errr this bittersweet time of year.Where smiles are veiling tears..:)
    I need to talk to you about that google reader thing sometime and what that means...?

  2. yes, smiles veiling tears of joy and parting. Victoria wept yesterday, because her lifelong best school-friend left school a few days early for a family holiday and she won't be back in the fall. Oh, the tender introductions of what is to come:)

    Tonight I'm invited to the Graduation of little guy I babysit, from nursery school. there will be tears there too...the this-is-so-oh-too-cute kind!

    All I know about google reader is what I have been seeing on other blogs. that it will be gone on July 1st. (the reading list on your dashboard)

  3. Awww, I liked that to keep up with the blogs I like reading. How else do you then?

  4. I got the Feedly link from another blogger that was disgusted that Blogger is 'fixing' something that is not broken! This is why I posted the link in the side-bar. If you click on the word Feedly it is linked to the site and is actually really great! I quite like it (or I will when I start spending a little more time reading blogs) too busy right now;) and too tired at night.

  5. But they do not turn
    To reply
    Or brush the teardrop
    From our eye

    ...and I suppose, that is as it should be... but it doesn't make it any easier.


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