Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Because you are My First-born

Dear Emily…

Because you are my first-born
You introduce me
To new-found wonders of love’s joys and grief
And I am learning
Love’s flip-side of holding
Is its tender, bitter-sweet release

But I would not change it
For Time, in its wisdom
Has taken a beautiful little girl
And turned her into
A compassionate woman
No, I would not trade it for the world

But, because you are my first-born
I must learn the art, dear
Of holding you close as you slip from my hand
Of saying, I’m sorry
When I disappoint you
And hoping that someday you will understand

Because you are my first-born
You blaze the trail, dear
For siblings that watch and follow behind
And my precious daughter
I wish you God’s blessing
As you turn the page love’s new mysteries to find

Dear first-born daughter
I pray God will keep you
And that you will keep Him first in your heart
Then no matter
Where life’s highways may lead you
We will never be very far apart

Love, Mom


  1. Thank-you. We celebrated her b-day late because she wasn't home for supper until last night. I put this in her card.


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