Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer Madrigal

When streams in silver ribbon tease
The meadows flush with clover bloom
As winter’s fireside fantasies
Embellish nature’s living-room
When dawn melts gold into each rill
And dusk leans long against earth’s loam
Cajoled by lark and whippoorwill
And mother’s calling children home
Then we are all princes and lords
As summer spills its sanguine hoards

When sea-song rolls across bare feet
Where gulls waft high on hazy blues
And winds grow lazy in the heat
Rippling on milkweed avenues
When golden-rod sprouts plumes of green
And earth is giddy 'neath its crown
Then surely summer is a queen
And we the stragglers on her gown
As daisy rivers drift awry
Where ditches lure the roving eye

When lovers stroll exotic lanes
Behind the barn beneath the moon
Or pictures pulse within our veins
Begging to spill in ink-fraught swoon
On easels formed of sun-swept hill
Where palettes pour their rainbow yield
In petal-poem madrigal
Of flowers flowing through a field
As summer flings ajar her door
There are no beggars on her shore

© Janet Martin

Since this is the last day of school before summer-break I treated myself to a long bike ride this morning...well sort-of treated because it ended up being a ride in the rain;) Still, summer swelled in top-notch form!

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