Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Never Like This Again

A waves of emotion moves me
As I pick up this pen
For we are on the brink of
Yet, change is not a bad thing
It makes us stretch and grow
In spite of our grieving
As we hold and let go

For every door that closes
Another swings ajar
God does not leave us dangling
On some forgotten star
But in life’s constant surging
Of future to the past
We live between hope’s urging
And long, blue shadows cast

The present is the threshold
On which we love and learn
As we touch transient moments
Nevermore to return
And change is a companion
From which none can abstain
For both the gray and golden
Come but to pass again

We tremble in the knowing
That what must be will be
And change is ever-flowing
In moment-mystery
Yet, for each door that closes
God faithfulness abides
His changeless grace open new doors
Inviting us inside

© Janet Martin

 The first four lines of this poem are the first lines in a letter to my daughter on her 21st birthday...she is engaged to be married this fall.(so if posts begin to dwindle for a while that will be why)  and no, her letter didn't rhyme;)

Change is ever-present. 
Love the moment you are in 
for it is the flow of moments
that make dark skies bright again 
and if the sun is shining 
then pause to feel its kiss, 
lest we pine in the morning 
for what no longer is


  1. Janet, your poems always hit straight to my heart. I so know the feeling of never-like-this-again. Sometimes it seems like my whole LIFE is spent in that particular state! I most adore the lines "for both the gray and golden come but to pass again." Beautiful beautiful writing. And congrats on the wedding - such a joyous event!!!!! It will be beautiful.

  2. lovely poem and god bless ,,,best wishes

  3. Sherry, I can only imagine! Even now i know what you mean, it is a constant state!

    V~. thank-you so much, and God bless you too!


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